Customer PCC MPX

Customer PCC MPX

Jose "Selit" Rapadas III of Ca has taken his PCC to a different level with his customizing of parts specifically to suit his own likes and needs.  

His words;

"I used the ILWT 4.5 inch barrel.  I installed a 2 port compensator I made with a 12 inch aluminum barrel extension, pinned and welded for California compliance.  I made a custom skeletal stock angled for better contact with shoulder for better recoil handling.  The hand guard is carbon carbon fiber with gas port blast protector (for support hand) which I also custom made."

I really appreciate the time people spend in customizing their firearms to best suit their personal requirements and hope you guys do as well.  It appears that Jose has spent a lot of time in setting this thing up and wanted to share it with everyone.



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