ILWT's 'MICRO-K' 5" Scorpion EVO Custom Barrel

ILWT's 'MICRO-K' 5" Scorpion EVO Custom Barrel

ILWT's "Drop-In" Scorpion EVO 9mm Custom MICRO-K 3-Lug & 1/2-28 Barrel, for Pistols or Registered-SBR's (NFA) applications.

On the heals of ILWT's Custom drop-in 9" Replacment barrel, for the CZ EVO SCORPION, now comes the New ILWT 'MICRO-K barrel'

CZ-Evo SBR, ILWT Micro-K bbl, HBI handgaurds, SWR 3-Lug suppressor

Manufactured from 4140 & Ordnance-Grade steels, button rifled at 1-10, with Proprietary chamber dimensions to enhance the K-Barrel's accuracy.
Much care was taken when squaring the chamber-bed into the center parallax of the bore, and also the lead-in to the initial rifling shoulders. 
The propriety chamber is also polished to enhance reliability/extraction.
The Micro-K barrels are Hard Melonite (nitrided) for increased hardness & durability, and finish wear resistance.

ILWT Micro-K bbl/trunnion before heat-treat/melonite/oxide

As with all of ILWT's custom barrels, all critical suppressor attachment dimensions (3-Lug and single-point 1/2-28tpi) are fully concentric to the bore, and machined directly onto the barrel using CNC state-of-the-art production-equipment by certified and talented professionals.

ILWT MICRO-K test barrel: 3,000 rds continuously fired w/ zero malfunctions. Various ammo types, (115-147g)

The HK type 3-lug is held to a tolerance of 0.0005", and every single bbl's 1/2-28tpi threads are measured on a calibrated C2A ring-gauge (C2A is suppressor industry standard class of thread). 
ALL Tolerances/Concentrically/Specs are correct(!) for suppressor use.

The 1/2-28 threads are covered by ILWT's proprietary thread protector (TP).
Where the ILWT TP really shines in it's design, is when using a 3-Lug suppressor.
When using the Navy variants w/ a suppressor, the TP is normally smaller in it's outer-diameter (OD), and normally uses knurling for finger tightening.  Which means you are losing the forward shoulder of the barrel/TP for stabilizing/aligning the suppressor, during firing.
The ILWT Thread Protectors are specifically designed to eliminate this, and stabilize the suppressor, eliminating any chance of a baffle strike when using a tight precision-tolerance baffle-stack.
The ILWT TP is concentric OD/ID and the outer diameter perfectly matches the OD of the shoulder area on the 3-Lug.  Rearward of the front portion, the OD is stepped down in width, and horizontal serrations are added for finger grip when installing/removing.  The smaller OD in the serrated area means the sharp-edges of the serrations (or normally knurling) will not make contact with the internal-surface of the 3-Lug suppressor's attachment contact surface.
Our TP allows the stability of a non-threaded 3-Lug mount, but still enjoys the versatility of the 1/2-28 threads.  You regain the stability through the Thread Protector's perfectly spec'd front-shoulder OD.
You will also not be touching the Suppressors 3-Lug internal surfaces with sharp knurling, as the serrations are recessed.

1/2-28, 3-lug, 5.3" OAL, Free-Float design, Torqued/Staked Trunnion.....Ready to Install, Suppress and GO!

The ILWT Trunnion is oem spec/size and CNC machined from Ordinance-Grade steel and Controlled-Vacuum Heat-Treated, to correct specifications/hardness while still allowing impact-resilience to the component.

The Barrel and trunnion are correctly mated/threaded at proper torque, then the bbl & trunnion are staked multiple times.
The extractor-relief is then machined into the trunnion and barrel

Extractor Relief cuts in the trunnion & barrel

The ILWT 'MICRO-K' Scorpion EVO barrels are designed as Free-Float barrels, to be used in conjunction w/ aftermarket Free-float hand-guards that attach at the trunnion's shoulder, such as HB Industries' selection of hi-quality aluminum hand-guards which are available in various lengths.

CZ Evo SBR w/ ILWT Micro-K barrel, shown w/ HBI aftermarket Free-Float handgaurd


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