MPX Barrels

MPX Barrels

I would like to personally thank everyone involved in the successful launch of this barrel line, it sold out in days!

We are going to be adding several variations to the next run, the most important of which will be the inclusion of a gas block with the barrels for easy installation!

Planned Variations;

Gen 1 Barrels and gas blocks

Gen 2 standard sized matched ports in both block and barrel

Gen 2 Oversized matched ports on both block and barrel for running heavy grain sub sonic


We are also working on an adjustable gas block for these guns and hope to be able to get some tested within the month

Thank you all again!


  • CHUD

    Just ordered and paid for one of the 4.5" K barrels and gas block. Can’t wait to get it in a couple of weeks!


    I can’t wait for the MPX adjustable gas blocks!

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