M10/9mm: 'Double-Thread' MAC-10 barrel w 3/4-10 & 1/2-28 tpi's

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Exceptional quality replacement barrel for the MAC-10 9mm series of submachine-guns & semi-automatic pistols.

Our barrels have the original 3/4" threads for installing an old-school SIONICS suppressor, or for installing our Pat-Pend MacAdapter, as well as having 1/2" threads on the muzzle for installing a modern suppressor or AR15 type flash-hider/compensator..

Materials: 4140 Chrome-Moly steel.
Alignment: Bore-OD/Center.
Rifling: Button.
Twist: 1:10
Chamber: Upgraded (proprietary) from oem specifications & polished for improved feeding and extraction.
Suppressor contacts: 3/4-10tpi (oem/sionics) & 1/2-28tpi muzzle.
Suppressor alignments: 3/4 & 1/2 threads concentric with bore axis.
Length: 5 & 3/4" 
Finish: Black oxide
Additional: Machined 7/8" wrench-flats for easy installation/removal

A direct and improved replacement for all MAC-10 9mm style pistols & submachineguns, including but not limited to, Powder Springs, RPB, & Masterpiece Arms.

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Proudly Made In The U.S.A

For NFA/Semi type:
Gordon Ingram, Mitch Werbell, & Sionics
Powder Springs, GA
RPB Industries
Jersey Arms Works, JAWS
Hatton Industries
Leatherwood's Military Armament Corp, Stephenville, TX
Wayne Daniel,  Sylvia Daniel
Section Five Firearms 
Liberty Arms
Vulcan, Vulcan Arms, Vulcan Armament, Velocity Arms, V-Series, V-10, V10-9, VMAC9
MasterPiece Arms, MPA, Defender Series, MPA10, 
M10, MAC10, MAC-10, M10/9, MAC10/9, MAC-10/9