Adjustable Gas Plug for MPX

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Four adjustment positions;
  • 1.) No Gas 
  • 2.).0469
  • 3.).0520
  • 4.) .0625

This adjusts with a simple turn of the plug. With either an allen wrench or adjustable/box wrench.


Benefits are that you can "tune" your platform to your ammo for more reliable function and/or less gas feedback while shooting if you have an opened up port especially suppressed with "hotter" ammo

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This will only work if you have had your port opened up on your gen 2 or ANY Gen 1 as they have larger ports from the factory
All Gen II barrels are now shipping by default with ,055 gas port sizes which means you would have to have it opened up to .0625 in order to properly use this plug.  If you are ordering a new barrel from me you can ask for it to have a .0625 port at no extra charge.-12/09/2018

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